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We Are

...Focused On Creating Life Long Memories Through The Design of Outdoor Spaces

Our mission centers on revitalizing communities through outdoor design solutions. We're driven by the desire to make a lasting impact on people's lives.


At MHS Planning, our story is rooted in a deep appreciation for the impact of outdoor spaces. Founded by individuals passionate about enhancing communities, we've transformed traditional park and recreation design into an art that serves both function and form.

Our journey is marked by significant moments that reflect our commitment to pushing boundaries. From groundbreaking projects to industry accolades, each step has been a testament to our dedication to creating life long memories.

Looking forward, our goal remains clear: to design outdoor environments that promote well-being, encourage connection, and stand as enduring legacies for generations to come. Join us on this journey of creating spaces that bring people together and leave a positive mark on the places we call home.

30 years of


$40,000,000+ IN GRANTS

Dallas, Texas | Tyler, Texas
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Dallas | Tyler


We build lifelong relationships by creating a family environment within our team and the people we serve.


A counter-cultural company striving to transform lives in the communities it serves.

...Passionate About The Communities We Work With

Our passion drives us to design outdoor spaces that foster connections, where communities come together to forge unforgettable memories.

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Who Creates Spaces with You in Mind

MHS Planning & Design is a consulting firm that specializes in creating recreational and outdoor venues customized to fulfill the unique needs of communities. MHS employs Landscape Architects, Engineers, Planners & Designers to ensure aesthetically pleasing, functioning and safe spaces are constructed. Since 1993, MHS has earned the reputation as one of the leading park planning firms in Texas by utilizing a Conception to Completion process. We consider the desires of the community as well as the needs of the client to create customer-friendly and community-driven outdoor spaces.

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