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Andy Woods Elementary

Location: Tyler, Texas

Project Managers: William Spencer, Mica Perez

Project Approach

The new outdoor recreation and educational space at Andy Woods Elementary is a thoughtfully designed environment that seamlessly combines active and passive play areas. Rooted in scientific research, each zone serves to promote the physical, cognitive, and emotional development of every student. This space has been crafted to meet varied needs and interests. By offering diverse opportunities for both recreation and education outdoors, the project aims to enhance mental well-being, information retention, and holistic growth for all its young learners.

Play Zone Areas & Site Analysis

This map highlights the dynamic Active Play areas, calm Passive Play spaces, the secure Gated Entrances/Exits, and the student entrance into the Playground. It also studies the foot traffic circulation of the outdoor Recreation area.

9.19.2023 - Conceptual Site Plans & Renderings - Reduced 1.jpg

Preliminary Sketches

These hand sketches provide a raw and intimate glimpse into the planned layout of various areas. Balancing functionality with aesthetics, they are the initial blueprint from which our vibrant recreational and educational zones will spring to life.

Conceptual Renderings

These conceptual renderings present a clear vision for the school's outdoor spaces. They offer a glimpse into the potential layouts and designs, setting the direction for what's to come. While not the final designs, they serve as valuable visual aids to cast our aspirations for the project.

9.19.2023 - Conceptual Site Plans & Renderings - Reduced 4.jpg

Sep 20, 2023

My kids are in highschool, but they would have loved having something like this as a kid in school. What a awesome space to learn and play!


Sep 20, 2023

I have 2 kids at Woods (1st and 3rd grade) and am really excited about the potential with this project. My kids specifically look forward to the ninja course and the shaded reading areas. I look forward to seeing the improvements in the next few years.

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